In today's world of bombardment of getting fit-in-a-minute programs (two-minute exercise), magic pills (increase muscle mass and reduce body fat), overnight diets (lose 20 pounds in a week) and so on, I believe in the most productive, safest way of training. You don't need the "chrome" weights to get stronger or bigger. There are a few things you do need. You need the desire to work HARD. Listen to the ones who are the true professionals. You can use whatever you have available at your home or gym. You will be able to see results. There are many people in the field who are misinforming the public about strength training. I will not put a client in an exercise in which they could possibly get injured (due to their body composition). The base behind any strength training program is to gain strength, to gain weight/lose weight, or to perform better at one's skill (sport). Check my articles on the site (Spot Reducing: The Right Way to Do It), (Common Sense Strength Training), ( How To Gain Muscle Mass ) and ( How to Improve In One's Skill ). You can also e-mail me for your free 30-page copy of my E-book (Your Guide to Strength Training - The Common Sense way).